On the up coming 2nd March 2023, the International Data Group in Vietnam (IDG Vietnam) will collaborate with the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA), the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) under the chairmanship and patronage of  the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City to organize the Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City. This is an annual event that has been held since 2012 and affirmed its position as a leading conference, contributing a lot of valuable information, solutions and experiences to the overall development of retail banking in Vietnam.


The event consists of 1 keynote and 2 discussion sessions running concurrently. In the morning, there will be a Keynote session on the potential market for retail banking services. In the afternoon, there will be 2 discussion sessions running concurrently. The discussion session 1 will focus on diversifying retail banking products and services: safe – convenient and fast. The discussion session 2 will introduce information technology and security solutions that contribute to improving the efficiency of retail banking operations. Additionally, under the framework of the forum, there is also an announcement and honoring ceremony for the Vietnam Outstanding Banking Awards 2022. This is an annual award organized by IDG Vietnam in collaboration with the Vietnam Banks Association (VBA) to seek out and honor banks with innovative products and services in the year, digital transformation achievements that contribute to improving the efficiency of retail operations in particular and the operation of the banking industry in general.

Some of the key topics covered in the forum include:

  • Potential market for retail banking services 2022
  • The status and form of contactless payment service providers in Vietnam 2022
  • Diversifying payment services on e-commerce platforms, promoting the development of the digital economy
  • A new advance of cloud computing services for digital transformation in banking
  • The actual situation of information technology application to diversify retail banking products and services
  • Optimal solution for customer experience – the driving force behind the digital financial ecosystem
  • Developing open banking, increasing the competitive advantage of retail banking products and services in the digital transformation period.
  • Secure and authenticated payments on personal devices for banking services
  • An effective digital bank operating model – Digital Banking
  • Security solutions and personal database security in the banking sector
  • Models and solutions for effective and safe working at bank branches in the period of development and strong competition
  • Operate payment operations and banking services on cloud computing platform to increase management efficiency and customer experience

In 2023, the Vietnam Retail Banking Forum will be held in a traditional format in Ho Chi Minh City and virtually on the Cisco Webex platform. Accordingly, the event will include 2 main activities: conference activities and exhibition activities

The forum will expectedly attract about 500 delegates, who are leaders of the State Bank of Vietnam and its subordinate departments and agencies, leaders of the Vietnam Banks Association, associations, finance and banking clubs; banking units, Fintech companies, financial service companies and consulting units; domestic and international companies, IT groups and media units, etc. Along with that, the exhibition activity will attract about 30 units of banking, IT and security to introduce outstanding banking products and services, 4.0 technology solutions in the banking sector.

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