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Floor 1&8, HBT Tower, 456 Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, HCMC


VIETGUYS was established in June 2007 by experienced, enthusiastic leaders with Advertising industry and Marketing solutions on Mobile platform. VietGuys is proud to be one of the smart solution providers and a member of Accrete Inc. - The No. 1 interna-tional SMS gateway provider in Japan.

VietGuys has been known as the leading SMS Brandname service provider in Vietnam for more than 16 years. We are persistently developing and coordinating with technical partners, typically applying and distributing advanced technology solution models by strategic partner ByteTech to upgrade services from traditional SMS Marketing to acomprehensive customer care outreach strategy named Master Channel - How to build and warm. It helps brands "keep warm" and maintain the valuable relationships with their customers through diverse sending services/solutions such as SMS Brandname, Viber, Zalo based on the core system of Pan-goCDP platform - a powerful customer data platform that unifies customer data (Unify Customer) across all touchpoints from Online to Offline (Touchpoints) into a single platform (All data in one place) thereby providing insights and meaningful information that helps marketing deliver a consistent, target-ed, contextual and customer-specific experi-ence across channels. This is the foundation for businesses to develop sustainably basedon data-driven.

Master Channel: Plan to build & maintain - a new contributed definition in the market, that will be the new term in the business market trend. Master Channel is a multimodal inter-action channel, connecting all information connecting to end users or outlets from enter - prises. Master Channel is being approached by companies in various fields such as distri-bution channels of onsumer goods, manufac-turing, retail, health,beauty & fashion,etc.with-atarget to build a direct and long lasting connection. Businesses can "keep warm" and maintain the valuable relationships with their customers through diverse and interesting forms of interaction displayed in all channels. Customers will also be fully taken care by interacting and communicating directly to the brand in a simpler and easier way. VietGuys is proud to have accompanied over 5,000 domestic and international brands such as Pharmacity, Vietnam Airlines, Be Group, CGV, Grab, Shopee, Samsung, LG, etc. VietGuys is one of the quali€ed companies that owns the ISO 27001:2013 certificate of information security, assessed by the Swiss's SGS organization and certified by UKAS. In addition, VietGuys was granted a VNCERT practice certi€cate by the Ministry of Infor-mation and Communications for SMS adver-tising and Email Marketing. VietGuys is cur-rently an active member of the Global Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), a member of the Vietnam E commerce Association (VECOM), the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA), the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Eurocharm), and an Elite member of Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA), and Center for Research and Development of Vietnamese Brands (THV).


The key solutions that help solve the prob-lems of the Enterprises and receive the most trust in the current Digital Transformation era such as Solutions (PangoCDP), Brand Call (Voice Brandname), Mobile Topup, Customized Solutions, OTPBox, SMS Brandname, Email Marketing, messages on instant messaging applications such as Viber Message, Zalo ZNS Template