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Established on January 31, 1997, originally the first Intranet namely Vietnam Intelligence – TTVN, FPT Telecom is considered as the foundation of the development of the Internet in Vietnam. FPT Telecom has spent more than 23 years continuously constructing and developing; constantly changing, improving products and service quality to become one of the leading Internet service providers in Vietnam and the region.

With more than 200 transaction offices in 59 provinces nationwide, 12 branches in Cambodia and 1 branch in Myanmar, FPT Telecom is ready to bring the deepest and widest connection to each Vietnamese citizen and gradually assert its position in the international arena when it takes the No. 1 position in Cambodia. With the Amazing Experience strategic orientation, FPT Telecom desires to bring its customers a truly different experience, with technology platform as a core strength, the diversity of online content, outstanding facilities as well as dedicated and professional customer care services.