Under that situation, the World Mobile Broadband & ICT Summit 2023 will have the theme of TELECOMMUNICATIONS FUTURE IN CHALLENGE OF A.I, CHATGPT, VIRTUAL NETWORK, ROBOTICS, DEFINED SOFTWARE, EKYC… CONNECTION. The conference will include 01 Keynote Session and a High-Level Panel Discussion with the participation of speakers who are leaders and experts from leading telecoms technology companies. Some of the proposed discussion topics are:

  1. Report on customer satisfaction survey about the quality of mobile broadband & ISP cloud for Vietnam telecoms market 2023
    Mr. Le Thanh Tam, CEO, IDG Vietnam
  1. Telecommunication future in developing countries in the face of current economy and finance challenges
    Mr Nguyen Phong Nha, Deputy Director, Telecommunications Authority, Ministry of Information and Communications
  1. Building Telecom’s digital business: Generating new revenues with APIs
    Mr. Tran Thanh Kien, Product Manager of Digital infrastructure services, VNPT-Vinaphone (tentatively)
  2. Using Partner Ecosystems to drive Telcos growth
    Representative of Viettel IDC
  3. Crossing the chasm: Bridging Telcos’ Skills Gaps
    Representative of Mobifone
  1. Unlocking CSPs transformative value for enterprises
    Representative of CMC Corporation
  2. 5G for industry enterprises
    Mr. Thieu Phuong Nam, General Director, Qualcomm Southeast Asia and the Pacific (tentatively)
  3. Telecommunication basis and sustainability in practice: Overcoming challenges and exceeding opportunities
    Mr. Nguyen Phu An, Director of Strategy and Planning, Director of Customer Experience Center, FPT Telecom (tentatively)

The Mobile Broadband & Internet Service Provider 2023

The Mobile Broadband & Internet Service Provider 2023 is an annual award, built on the foundation of program Research about the satisfaction of mobile broadband consumers by IDG Vietnam since 2017 until now. The award goal is to honour service and products of exceptional in telecommunications, achieve customer satisfaction of internet providers as well as internet service providers in Vietnam. It is expected to welcome 600 attendees to participate in the conference.

The World Mobile Broadband & ICT Summit 2023 is a conference for organizations such as government management of telecommunication, multinational telecom and technology cooperations, national telecommunication carriers, and digital content providers to share their insights on methods of investments, product development, and commercialization on the high-tech telecommunication platforms. It is expected to welcome more than 500 guests who are leaders, managers, senior experts with more than 20 leading speakers in the telecommunications industry. In 2022, the conference will be held in Hanoi and online via Cisco Webex.