Event Overview

In recent years, Vietnam has been one of the fastest-developing telecommunications in the region and the world markets. The telecoms market is progressively approaching saturation for traditional telecommunications services due to its characteristics as an economic-technical enterprise related to science and technology and affected by industry 4.0. According to the Ministry of Information and Communications industry summary report, total telecommunications income in 2022 will increase by 1.6% over 2021. The telecoms industry’s revenue is expected to contribute VND 76,452 billion to GDP in 2022. In general, the slow expansion of the market as a result of too many operators, severe competition among carriers, and cheap costs and rates have made the mobile industry less profitable, placing pressure on the mobile industry. According to the White Book Vietnam Information and Communication Technologies, traditional telecom services are declining in large telecommunications firms. It requires urgent activities from the government, telecommunications companies, and society to seize the opportunity to transform strongly, grow the ecosystem, and transition to delivering digital products and services, otherwise, they will be eliminated.

Following the identification of the current telecommunications technology situation, at the Ministry of Information and Communications Conference to summarize activities in 2022 and mission execution in 2023, Deputy Minister Pham Duc Long proposed to promote the development of the telecommunications – Internet sector is commensurate with the role of the country’s development. The Deputy Minister directed the Authority of Radio Frequency Directorate to prioritize frequency band evaluation and planning, followed by the implementation of the 5G frequency auction. A number of technology businesses are currently using not only the 5G telecommunications network, but also the deployment and application of Mobile money, Cloud computing, the Internet of things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial intelligence (AI), and so on. Information and telecommunications encourage development in the field of digital transformation, with the goal of becoming a strong fulcrum for network operator development in the future.

In that situation, the World Mobile Broadband & ICT Summit 2023 will focus on providing valuable information on hot issues in the digital transformation of Vietnam’s telecommunications industry today.

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