The national conference on information safety and security in 2022  holds a topic of NEW CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS TO ENSURE INFORMATION CYBER AND SECURITY FOR MAJOR STATE SECTORS. The conference will include 5 main presentations presented by domestic and international speakers and 1 drill session on the prevention and handling of information insecurity incidents chaired by leaders of the Center for Information Technology and Cyber Security Monitoring, Government Cipher Committee with the participation of specialized units in charge of information safety and security, government agencies and state-owned enterprises. Some of the proposed discussion topics are:

Some issues of testing the quality of information security products before applying at organizations in major state sectors

  • Leader of Authority of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications (tentatively)

Experiences in troubleshooting information security incidents at key national agencies

  • Office of the Party Central Committee (tentatively)

            Trends and methods identification of cyber-attacks targeting government agencies in 2022

  • Mr Jonh Young, Former Director, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (tentatively)

            Solutions to ensure information security for key industries during the transition of operations on the cloud computing platform

  • Leader of International Technology Group

            Cyber Attack Prevention Maneuver on the National Key Data Systems

  • Colonel, Assoc. PhD. Tran Duc Su, Director, Center for Information Technology and Cyber Security Monitoring, Government Cipher Committee


The Exhibition:

Under the framework of the conference, the exhibition of Information Safety and Security will be a gathering of several technology products and solutions to ensure information security on a high-speed broadband platform serving various fields such as manufacturing, commerce, healthcare, education, transportation, finance-banking and especially e-government and online public service portal… More than 600 guests are expected to attend ​​this exhibition.


Security World 2022 is a great opportunity for companies, IT groups, domestic and international digital transformation groups… to exchange, approach and introduce their information security technology products/solutions/services to leaders of financial institutions, including banks, fintech companies and financial service providers.