Mr. Nguyen Trong Duong

Mr. Nguyen Trong Duong

  • Deputy Director, Department of Planning and Finance, Ministry of Information and Communications

He is currently the Deputy Director in charge of the Department of Enterprise Management, Ministry of Information and Communications, and an expert in Digital Transformation and Business Management. He used to hold the position of Deputy Director of the Authority of Information Security and many other positions. In addition, he is also the author of many books and articles on media-related topics, including journalism, television, social media, and information technology.

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DISCUSSION SESSION 2 14:00 26-05-2023
DISCUSSION SESSION 1 14:00 26-05-2023
KEYNOTE 09:00 26-05-2023
09:30 - 09:45

Personal database safety in the field of finance and banking

OPENING CEREMONY 07:30 26-05-2023
PHIÊN CHUYÊN ĐỀ 2 14:00 26-05-2023