Upcoming Event: Digital Government 2023

Check out our upcoming event. Our annual event Digital Government 2023, taking place this 19th of October.

Digital government is one of IDG’s flagship events which seeks to promote a digital transformation era in an attempt to modernise government procedures.

IDG, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communications, Department of Authority of Radio Frequency Management, will be hosting the event. Running alongside, will also be the Population Data 2023, a first-time event held by IDG.

Every year, IDG plan to host the Digital Government and Population Data events in a unique location, catering to developing cities and provinces in terms of digital transformation. This year we have decided to host our event in Thai Nguyen City, in a province located in the northern sphere of Vietnam.

Check out our brief video below explaining the event below:

We predict that there will be around 500 audiences attending the event, alongside a multitude of brands and sponsors participating alongside. Furthermore, there are speakers and scholars from all across South East Asia who will present.

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The event is also hosted online via Cisco’s Webex platform, where people who are unable to make it out to Thai Nguyen city can still get the opportunity to participate in the event without missing out.

If you are planning to participate, although not compulsory, we would recommend to RSVP us in order to get the most comfortable experience. You can do this by either checking the blue button below, or emailing the attendees team via ‘relevant contacts’ tab below.

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