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iNet Solutions

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342 D14 Street
Hung Phu 1 Residential Area, Phuoc Long B Ward,
Thủ Đức City, Hồ Chí Minh City

028.73000126 (Tel)



iNet Solutions Corp. ( INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OPEN INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS JOIN STOCK COMPANY) is a Vietnam software company specialize in developing solutions and products base on Java – technology, Open N-tier Architecture( supported with many Operating Systems) and Service Oriented Architecture. Company was found at Ho Chi Minh city in July, 2006 and managed by a group of conscientious and well-experiences IT experts, having worked in big software projects in USA and Vietnam for many years.

iNet Solutions supplies customers with diversified products and solutions, including applications which are compatible with most of operating systems such as LINUX, Windows, Mac-OS, Solaris on both server and computers.

Thanks to capability of technology, consulting experiences, financial resources, marketing trend grasping, observation and thoroughly knowledge of national strategies in development of global information technology, iNet Solutions sets goal to be the supplier for platform solution applications and high quality softwares, running on opening standards, N-tier and Service-Oriented  Architecture  in Vietnam.With the prospect of international integration, iNet Solutions have invested strongly in researching, developing solutions and products so as to become one of the leading software companys in Vietnam. In the mean time, our company always looks for opportunities to present our products with Vietnam brand name to foreign markets


Company product catalog:
– Synthesis and analysis data platform (iTitan)
– Big data platform (iHyperion)
– Local government service platform (LGSP)
– Email system (iMail)
– Document management and operations system (iDesk)
– Electronic document data repository (iOcean)
– Work schedule system(xCalendar)
– Monitoring, assigning, tracking tasks software
– Electronic document storage management system at agency archives (iHippo)
– Electronic document storage management system at historical archives (iHippo)
– Administrative procedure resolution information system (xGate)
– Electronic forms and digital signature services
– Digital repository for document storage and processing results for administrative procedures
– Portal information system
– Reporting information system
– Cloud infrastructure management system