New Website Launch

We are proud to announce that for the past month, developers at IDG have worked on revamping the old website completely, removing any old outdated elements with revolutionising new features and designs.

We have adapted a more niche and minimalistic design, coupled with vibrant and saturated colours, to catch the eye of the reader. We have also completely changed our

Our new features include a cleaner look, accessible buttons, easy controls, and simple to use navigation tools. We merged psychology with IT, in order to develop tools to help the reader focus and consume more information, in less space.

Each page has a different colour scheme, to highlight our beliefs to a more inclusive society, safe work environment, and embracive relationships. It also depicts the importance of each event, and that we put in the same amount for every event, regardless of performance.

Although often overlooked, IDG have also updated its new Privacy Policy notice, as well as its Data Protection warrants. We promise to work with you in order to secure your data wherever necessary, and protect your data at all times.

Here at IDG, we always aim to deliver the top quality to meet the satisfactory needs of our customers. We place you above ourselves, and your needs above our wants.

We hope you enjoy the new website experience just as much as we enjoyed building it for you.

If there are any bugs or issues, please contact or alternatively, click here.

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